Christian Fabien, A Virulent Racist and a Cowardly Blocker

For anyone who ever encounters Christian Fabien on Medium, be warned: this guy is an extremist anti-white fanatic (who also happens to be, let’s say, one of the dimmer bulbs in the drawer), and if you disagree with him, he will start cursing you out and then block you.

I did not engage him myself. Rather, he somehow came upon a response I’d written awhile back to a racist rant by another awful coward, Tenaja Jordan, who had written an article explaining how she’d, in essence, unfriended a woman because the woman was white. In that article, she’d written hateful racist things like this:

Being friends with white people always involves a fair amount of overlooking ignorance and assuming good intentions. We can’t swear you off altogether because you control too much.

I’d responded to that article, calling out Ms. Jordan for her blatant racism, and saying, in essence, the white woman whom she’d unfriended should be thankful to no longer have Ms. Jordan in her life:

In response, Ms. Jordan blocked me. A great way to respond to criticism, right? Well, much later, along comes another seething racist, Christian Fabien, and he posts this little tidbit:

And your cowardly, fragile ass won’t even use your real name when out here defending whyte supremacy?


Now, when a guy starts off in his first responses by talking about someone’s “ass,” you know you’re dealing with a class act, right? Of course, I use my real name in many articles on Medium, and I never defend white supremacy of any sort. I’ve made my view very clear, viz., that race should be discarded entirely as a means of categorizing human beings:

You can’t really be a white supremacist if you don’t believe there even is a coherent thing such as “white people,” and in any event, believe that category and all racial categories should be rejected, right?

So I pointed this out to the guy. But he just kept digging in, offering, of course, no actual arguments in favor of his position that I’m some defender of white supremacy (he insists on spelling the word “white” as “whyte” as some sort of misguided effort at raising our consciousness). I again responded, correcting his assertions. This time he came back with a longer rant in which he started spouting notions about how “ whyteness…[is] the source of most of the world’s ills,” and then telling me that I was wrong to criticize Ms. Jordan because she’s a black woman being racist, and black women can’t be racist because they’re black. Follow that logic? No? Well, I didn’t either, which is why I responded at greater length myself, both to explain why his demonization of white people was way over the top and also to link to my article explaining why everyone, black people included, certainly can be racist:

This really got his goat, and this time he came back with a bitter ad hominem tirade. In it, he referred to my arguments as “Lies. Willful misunderstandings. Shadows of [my] puny mind.” And then he told me, “You … are a fragile condescending racist piece of shit, so fuck your life.” And he apparently thought this was so interesting and worthwhile a point to make that he couldn’t stop himself from making it once again: “And again: You … are a fragile condescending racist piece of shit, so fuck your life.” Now the guy was on a roll. He responded to another point of mine by saying, “Eat a dick for this vile piece of lying.” He ended with, “I’m not discussing anything with you further. Your unwillingness to learn is your family’s problem, not mine.”

“Unwillingness to learn” translated means something like, “unwillingness to accede to my racist bullying and agree with my ahistorical nonsense.” And the rest of it all translates to “I can’t handle arguments and discourse, so instead I’m going to insult, curse, pout and take my toys to my own playground so you can’t touch them anymore!”

Finding it ironic that he was calling me “fragile” in light of his utter inability to handle reasoned disagreement, I said as much. This prompted one last bitter rejoinder from him, whereupon he simultaneously blocked me and went into hiding:

So there you have it. These are the kinds of good people that have, as of this writing, 707 followers on Medium, the kinds of people whose writing Medium Staff inevitably promotes, even while banning great, hard-working writers like Svetlana Voreskova, who always responded to hateful Alt-Left screeds and tirades with patience, diligence and eloquence. This is why Medium is fast becoming a stagnant desert in which shrill, bitter voices echo out again and again through the barren wilderness.

[Edit: as of April 9, 2018, I see this guy’s profile and articles have all been deleted. No idea if this is action by Medium cracking down on his abusive and racist rhetoric — doubtful given Medium’s history, but who knows — or whether he realized how awful he was — still more doubtful — or whether he had spawned so much push-back for his awfulness that he decided to run away and hide, likely intent on resurfacing here under another name — the most likely alternative. I’ll flatter myself and think this piece played a small part in his departure. In any event, for the moment, just as I encouraged the white woman to say to racist Tenaja Jordan, we should all say “good riddance”!]




I am an attorney specializing in general commercial litigation. I am a writer specializing in general non-commercial poetry, fiction, drama, essays & polemics.

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Traditional Tradesman

Traditional Tradesman

I am an attorney specializing in general commercial litigation. I am a writer specializing in general non-commercial poetry, fiction, drama, essays & polemics.

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