These are the kinds of broad racist statements that don’t help the situation.

First, “white people” are not a culture any more than “black people” or “Asian people” are a culture. There is American culture and French culture and British culture and Russian culture and Persian culture, etc. Each of these is different, just as the culture of China and Japan and Korea and Thailand and the Philippines are not one unitary “Asian” culture.

Second, black people in America in 2017 are actually, as a general rule, FAR more openly racist than most white people are. White racism is a fringe phenomenon right now. It’s widely derided in the media and in every aspect of popular culture. It gets you fired from your job or expelled from your university. The only way people like you can go around claiming that there’s all this white racism around is by pointing to “implicit bias” (which mysteriously tags every white person with subconscious racism). The one (big) problem with this idea is that implicit bias has been completely discredited. There is zero evidence that the results of implicit bias tests are even replicable, and there is zero evidence that alleged “implicit bias” has any bearing on people’s actual conduct in the real world.

In the meantime, anti-white racism by blacks is completely out in the open and ubiquitous. This is what has so many white people up in arms. It’s total hypocrisy. People going around claiming they’re fighting racism are displaying the most extreme racism of their own. You can’t have a double standard like that, or at least, not if you want to achieve any sort of victory against racism. That’s the case I make in some detail here.

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Traditional Tradesman

Traditional Tradesman

I am an attorney specializing in general commercial litigation. I am a writer specializing in general non-commercial poetry, fiction, drama, essays & polemics.